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Skin is the important part of our body. It is the outer covering of body which protects from heat, light, infection and injury and maintains body temperature. In summer,   heat, pollution and humidity mainly affect skin due to which our natural glow disappears.

The pores present in skin control the skin oil, dryness and sweat. Due to oil and dead skin the pores get closed which results in the formation of pimple on our skin.

These pimples get settle down within few day but left marks behind. The marks can be last for long time and also cause bad appearance on our skin. Thus, we have to take special care of our skin in summer.

In market lots of products are present for acne care but they all are made up of harmful chemicals. They may prevent your skin from acne for short time and also produce some other side effects on your skin.

Thus, you have to take care of your skin at home by changing your food habits and daily skincare routine. Here we explain some simple tips that you should follow to get rid of pimple problem in this summer.

7 Tips you should Follow This Summer for Pimple free Skin:


1. Deep Cleansing :

Cleansing is the best way to remove dust, sweat, and dead skin cells from your skin. Wash your face with water in every morning, afternoon and evening. Choose a face wash for regular cleansing which does not contain any harmful chemical and protect your face from any further side effects.

Ayurvedic Skin Care Products plays a great role to fulfill this requirements. They are complete formulation of natural plant extract which deep cleanse your skin and make it healthy and glowing. You have to select these cleansing products acoording to your skin properties.

2. Minimize the Exposure to Sun :

Sun produce more heat in summer which becomes a reason to form pimples, tanning and skin diseases. In summer, the temperature outside keep on increasing and easily harm your skin. So, you have to take care about it and avoid more sun exposure.

Apply sunscreen lotion and cream before going outside in sun. Clean your face after coming from outside. Use a Moisturizer which helps you to maintain the moisture of your skin and give you a Healthy Skin.

3. Go for the Summertime Food :

People generally increase the intake of sugary drinks, alcoholic beverages, fried foods, corned foods and snack foods during summer. This Diet Habit Results in Skin Issues and Pimple Problems.

As you know, fruits are healthy for health but some fruits contain more sugar which should be avoided. Take a look to your daily diet and reduce intake of food which results in pimple formation. You have to take more fiber rich fruit which help in digestion.

4. Use Moisturizer Daily :

Moisturizer act as a protective mask on your skin. It keeps your skin moist, sweat free and protects pores from blocking. It also protects your skin from tanning and gives a fresh look to your skin and never let your skin to dry.

You can also use a moisturizer with SPF quality which acts as sunscreen also. It makes your skin soft, smooth, healthy and glowing. Water based moisturizer, increase skin hydration and reduce the evaporation.

5. Selection of Sunscreen :

Sunscreen is usually made to protect your skin from UV rays which directly affect our skin and results in many skin defects. It protects your skin from Sunburn, Wrinkles, Pigmentation, and Photo Ageing.

Not only in summer, you can use sunscreen in all seasons. It should be selected on the basis of our skin requirements and with low SPF. High SPF makes your skin oily and can cause itching and burning.

 6. Wear Cloths made with Natural Fiber :

During summer temperature, your lifestyle and clothing can result in sweat, dirt and friction on whole body. The body gets over heated as compare to other seasons which results in pimple.

To prevent theses acne in summer, you have to wear natural fibers like cotton cloths which absorb moisture. You have to avoid wearing cloth which are made with polyester base fabric.

7. Never exceed Exfoliation :

Exfoliation helps to Remove Dead Skin Cell and dust from the skin. It is necessary to exfoliate your skin once weekly but more exfoliation can damage your skin. It may results in formation of pimple. So, exfoliate your skin in limited schedule.

Ayurveda is very helpful to you in this summer because it naturally protect your skin without causing any harmful effect. Roop Mantra is a complete range of skincare products. The products are completely made up of Ayurvedic formulations which give you a healthy look.

In your daily routine, use Roop Mantra Neem Face wash which deeply cleanse your skin and make it pimple free. It helps you to remove all dust and bacteria from your skin and make your skin fresh, healthy and pimple free.

To remove pimple without leaving behind their marks you can also use Roop Mantra Zero Pimple gel. It helps you to remove the pimple without leaving any mark and make a healthy, glowing and fresh skin.



You can easily use these products and see their positive effects. If you found pleasure in reading the above article, please like, share, and leave your suggestions in the comment section.

7 Tips to Avoid Having Pimples on your Skin This Summer
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