Ayurveda is known as a treasure of herbs which helps to give you a natural beautiful glowing skin. Roop mantra is enriched with 12 time tested validated herbs which are well known for their individual properties. Herbs present in Roop Mantra work synergistically and help to relieve from acne, wrinkle, dullness, pimple, zit and premature signs of aging. Roop Mantra Ayurvedic fairness cream is completely free from chemical constituents, therefore it is considered as safest and healthier way to get a beautiful natural glowing skin from inside. As per Ayurveda, seven layer of skin gets nutrition from muscle tissue. Skin is known as secondary tissue product or updhatu of blood. When body constitution or doshas get vitiated then it can impair the nutritional supply from blood to skin. This can also lead to over production of sebum on skin surface. Herbs present as active component in Roop Mantra Ayurvedic cream helps to pacify these vitiated constitutions of body. We described here a few properties of these herbs.

Aloe Vera helps in whitening of skin and provides fair complexion. Aloe Vera extract in Roop Mantra herbal Fairness cream keeps skin rejuvenating, hydrated and glowing. It also contains antibacterial properties that help in combating pimples, acne, eczema, blackheads etc.
Basil prevents dryness and gives brightness to the skin. The herbal extract of Basil in Roop Mantra herbal cream helps in keeping skin away from blemishes and white patches facilitated by vitiligo.
Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory agent and smoothes the skin. The presence of curcumin in turmeric acts as an excellent exfoliating agent to beat early aging of the skin.
Carrot is a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin A, pigments and antioxidants. Thus, herbal extracts of carrot in Roop Mantra Fairness cream acts as best beauty ingredient by helping in maintaining skin health.
Wine grapes are the richest source of vitamin C and antioxidants that helps in preventing free radicals formation that controls early aging of the skin.

Liquorice enhances the penetration capabilities of active ingredients in to the skin that helps in skin tone. Liquorice in Roop Mantra Ayurvedic cream helps in collagen formation that tightens the skin and makes skin younger.
Apple contains large amount of anti-oxidants that effectively works on the dark circles or puffy eyes. Apple in Roop Mantra Fairness cream maintains skin elasticity and makes skin more radiant.
Lemon is a citric fruit and rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Phosphorous and carbohydrates, thus lemon is very important for overall skin health. Lemons in Roop Mantra natural fairness cream absorbs the oiliness and cleans pores, removes scars and prevents pimple formation.
Sandal is a natural solution for whitening of skin. Sandal in Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Fairness cream works on rough surface and soothes the skin and Almond softens the skin and removes dark spot.

These are 12 amazing Ayurvedic herbs which are present in Roop Mantra cream which benefits in removing dark spots, acne, scars, pimples, dark circles, aging and wrinkles. So, for a clear skin gently massage Roop Mantra fairness cream twice a day daily.

Roop Mantra Face Cream

12 Amazing Ayurvedic Herbs for beautiful glowing skin
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  1. I really like your blog and this Roop Mantra Ayurvedic cream. I definitely buy this cream as soon as possible. But can you suggest me this cream is ok with my pimple or I use some different cream of your products.

  2. Great tips!!! I actually was in search of glowing skin remedy and i found this very much helpful. Thank you so much

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