Skin care is very important for everyone but I can say most important for women. Every woman wants to have great skin and like to look their best every day. But the truth is, these days no one has enough time to take proper care of the skin.

In this busy schedule, there is no time for salons but there are some quick tips that you can follow at home and can get clean and clear skin.

10 tips for clean and clear skin


1. Wash your face before going to bed


It is very necessary to clean your face before sleeping. Wash your face properly. If you will not clean dirt and pollution which resides on your face all the day long, it can cause breakouts. So wash your face with mild face wash such as Roop Mantra ayurvedic face wash. If you are very tired then you can use facial cleansing wipes so that you can clean face dirt before sleeping.


2. Use Anti-aging Lotion


If you have dry skin, you will see sign of aging on your face very soon. To prevent this, you can use lotion with anti-aging elements after cleaning your face properly. This will bring great change in your skin texture.


3. Apply Strawberry mask on face


Strawberries are rich in vitamin C and are excellent face mask for oily skin people. Strawberries are effective in removing the excess sebum on skin. Strawberry juice is also effective in lightening of blemishes and skin color. Add some curd and crushed strawberries in a bowl and then apply that mask on your face. It will bring glow to your face.


4. Make use of Sulfur lotion


If you have dark spots and scars on your face then use lotion which have sulfur content in it. Lotion which contains sulfur and salicylic acid is very effective for skin. This lotion will open the skin pores and will prevent skin from bacteria.


5. Oatmeal Pack for skin tightening


Mix oatmeal with lemon and eggs properly. The anti-oxidants present in oatmeal helps to reduce the swelling in skin, lemon kills all the bacteria present in the pores. Eggs contain vitamin E which helps in skin tightening. It helps to make skin soft, smooth and glowing. and Use Face wash for Pimples and Dark Spots.


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6. Clay mask for dry skin


Clay mask is very good for dry skin. Clay mask cleanse the skin very deeply and also wipe off the oiliness and bacteria from the skin. These masks will also acts as a good exfoliates which helps to open the pores and cleaning it.


7. Never pop up pimples


You might have heard from your teenage from your mother about not touching or popping up pimples. One should never touch pimples and should never pop them out. This can put dark spot on your skin forever and this can cause more pimples on skin. You Must Need a face wash for pimples.


8. Apply Aloe Vera gel on face


Apply Aloe Vera juice or pulp on the dark spots of your face. Leave it for at least one hour. After an hour wash your face with lukewarm water. Aloe Vera is very good for dark spots, scars and also acne treatment. It treats them very well.


9. Moisturize your face with Honey


It is very necessary to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. To moisturize it, make use of honey. This is great to use on sensitive skin. Honey has very good moisturizing properties. It soothes skin and makes it soft and glowing.


10. Use ice cubes


Ice cubes play good importance. Rub ice cubes on your face for two minutes before using any anti-acne cream or any face mask. Make sure to wrap ice cubes in muslin cloth and then rub it on face, do not apply directly. Doing this can prevent tanning and can will improve blood circulation. This will also avoid wrinkles of the skin.


How to get clear skin? Do you want to have clear skin? Try these tips to get flawless glowing skin. Write us in our comment box below for your suggestions.


10 Tips to get clean and clear skin
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